Why being talentless is my greatest gift.

One of the great joys of growing older and hopefully wiser, certain things about yourself start not to bother you so much.

From a young age, I was made aware of how talentless I am. Which now looking at it I can say it is actually my greatest blessing in life. Never being the gifted one, made me strive to be the hardest working one in the room and figure out strategies to navigate the spaces that I was in.

We live in a world that is obsessed with talent. Saturday night television rating depends on it and more often than not it is a prerequisite for getting anywhere in our industry.

So how does someone like me manage to work in this profession, where being gifted is put on a pedestal? One I’m glad I will never be perched on.

I have simply had to find ways to get a foot in the door and wedge myself through some tight windows if need be.

These are some of the lessons that being talentless has taught me.

To ask myself what I really want and become a master strategist to get it.

How to always stay hungry, and have an insatiable appetite for learning.

I can celebrate the wins and highs for 5 seconds then spend the rest of eternity figuring out what could have been better.

Make your own opportunities through networking, training and solving the problems.

To appreciate every day.