Purchasing my  Comms Unplugged tickets has been a journey.


coffee cup camping comms over coffee.jpeg


Even with a few weeks left to go, I am slightly unsure where exactly it is that I'm going. Somewhere in Dorset is what I say when I'm questioned. I think I have been a Diva delegate asking at every stage of the process. I love to network and have a very curious mind so going for a conference in and of itself is my idea of a wonderful weekend. I have no anxiety with the camping element of it either. Maybe my worries are more to do with the unpredictable British weather and getting lost because both are bound to be an issue for me. 

Now that the ticket is booked and I am getting excited by my out of office reply which may read " I am away at an industry conference and will respond to your email on my return when I'm refreshed and rejuvenated".

I am looking forward to the opportunity to network with my industry peers over a coffee. I haven't been in public sector communications for too long, coming from the European Union there are similarities but so many differences so am eager to share experiences and finally put names to faces and profile pictures to voices. (Talking comms podcast)

The thought of unplugging is becoming quite appealing as the days draw closer because I've always enjoyed my periods offline, but to do it with other people will be interesting. Maybe it is the nostalgia of it all.

The crucial component is the learning aspect of it all. I am open-minded to the new ideas, techniques and skills that I will come away with. 

Finally, I'm looking forward to getting those Hunters on and breathing in some fresh air, eating delicious food, star gazing, and trying yoga for the first time. 

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