Thank You, Next

It is a possibility that the marketing team at Republic never sketched me out as a persona when they were curating Ariana Grande’s target customer but, I’m sold so that conversion was easy.

There is a relief that comes over you when you see your flaws, victories and struggles in someone else’s story.

I teared up when I heard Ariana’s acceptance speech at Billboard’s Women in Music Awards, so much of what she said resonated with me. People look at you and think, oh wow she has it all together, over there living her best life. But some of us are out in these streets singing Breathin and Thank You, Next.


I’ve loved and lost romantically and professionally. Giving myself unconditionally often with an intense amount of sacrifice. I have worked hard on projects and had them quashed at the last minute with no explanation, but I have also been given awards for my work. I have an incredible media and public relations network that spans almost 10 years, and I have been the victim of the most horrific workplace bullying. I’ve fallen in love with a job only to be rejected at the final interview stage and had some incredible pinch yourself speechless, OMG moments over my career.

Through each experience, I have learnt something different about myself as a person and a storyteller. The job where I was going through the motions taught me that there was something more for me, the global organisation reminded me that there is a big wide world full of opportunities, and the list goes on.

So here I am in the limbo week dancing to Ariana in my pyjamas, which sums up quite well what this year has been about. Being re-introduced to Harriet, who she is and what she is really capable of, but also taking the time to concentrate on developing my career, courage and grabbing the opportunities that I’m given.

I know that we all have to live our lives with a degree of caution but what is your Thank You, Next for 2018. That thing you’re grateful for teaching you a lesson, but it needs to stay in the past because you are on a new journey. For me, as a communications professional it is this notion that “we are just, comms”. We are an integral part of the business and if you empower or allow us to do our work we deliver and can support the company to solve problems where good communications are critical.

So what is your professional or personal, Thank You, Next for 2018?