I am no longer the ‘spokesperson’?

*Before I start this post I must make it clear that I still have my job.*

Now down to business.

As a little girl, I spent hours watching the news. I scrolled through magazines and listened to the radio to get pointers. I have always been in love with storytelling and writing. I am was in awe of journalist and looked at them the same way I looked at Dan Carter during the last Rugby world cup when he made that drop goal. With eyes of admiration. While other little brown girls pretended to be Brandy, TLC and En Vogue, I was reporting live for the BBC or was it CNN, from our garden in South London.

What and who do I represent being where I am?

What and who do I represent being where I am?

Through the twists and turns of life, I have somewhat satisfied that 8-year-olds dream. But lately, I have noticed that I am betraying the 14-year-old girl that looked for a role model. I am part of the problem. Over the last few years, I have written press releases, statements and quotes as a press officer. I have earned the title of the proverbial ‘spokesperson’. Or more it has been dictated to me.

But this label no longer sits well with me or my 'why' in life. Until recently I was unable to put my finger on it, but now I think I understand where the conflict comes from. I am a woman, so why should I have to constantly attribute the comment to an ambiguous person, rather than declare that there is a woman behind the work. It took a journalist constantly assigning gender to my 'spokesperson' role for me to actually say to myself hang on a minute, why is he acknowledging me and I’m not.

As a journalist, I've had a by-line which made it clear who was doing the work and by no means am I saying that the veil should be lifted, and I be identified but surely if there is room for the gender of the person to be revealed then why not. We cry diversity and equality but fail to implement the smallest changes that make all the difference. It is always about the one and if a little girl reads an article and gets inspired because a spokeswoman wrote the quote then surely the world will be a better place. I have a platform even if it is small and a voice or more a whisper. Regardless of the gravity, I have to use to use it.

In the meantime, the rebel in me will be responding to anyone who asks me to revert back to the spokesperson title with a simple email bearing the words #METOO

After all, Alan Oram told us at Comms Unplugged to be more like pirates.