Getting Out of my Own Way

It took place on May 2, 2015, at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada. The Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs Manny Pacquiao, fight. I know that fact. I was the only one on the table which included men that knew the answer. Seems irreverent, a by the way fact maybe. But at that moment I recalled all the times I refused to take part in quizzes because I thought I had nothing to add and was rubbish at them. But on Monday I thought let me give this a try, and I contributed. Nobody had ever told me I couldn’t be a part of a quiz I discounted myself.

So my commitment this International Women’s Day is to give myself a chance.

I am particularly obsessed with gifs and where possible I try to use one that represents women or people of colour. This week, Josephine Graham, penned a fascinating blog for Comms2Point0, one small step for womankind – support a new movement through your choice of gifs, which is a must read.

It is a reminder to speak up when you notice something and the importance of using your voice where you are. In that spirit, I assembled a panel of very diverse women this week for a peer-peer conversation on a career in communications, digital marketing and technology. I promised that it would be candid, and honest it was. It’s another example of getting out of my own way and moving forward with the dreams and aspirations that I have.

The very inspiration Caitlin Moran, came to Sky this week and gave a funny talk. What stuck with me the most was that diversity is not a target. If you are going to do, then do it right at every level of the organisation, not wearing a moral badge of honour like you have done the world a favour by employing a woman. Also, scented candles are wasted on men.

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