Ask Better Questions


If there were no restrictions on my life, self-imposed or otherwise what would I do?

Since asking myself that question seven months ago, my life has changed in a way I struggle to put into words. While I am having one of the best years of my life with many un-forgetful moments. I am in the same breath being the bravest I have ever been, all because I question the barriers that have stopped me in the past. This change can be rooted in my choosing to ask of myself something different and challenging.

I sat down in the café in Clapham and even though I was scared out of my mind, I took out that pen, and in that leather, notebook scripted the life I want, deserve and am going to hustle for.

It frightened me, but I was the only who could change the blueprint. It was no longer enough to say I have goals. I had to use my imagination to design something that way beyond what I thought was possible. I changed the questions, I asked myself, the world, my industry and those closest to me. I’ve had to ask better questions. I’ve had to be courageous enough to seek answers. What is stopping me from being a great communications strategist?  When am I going to create and execute an award-winning campaign? What is my story? What do I bring to the table that nobody else does?

Deciding what kind of career I wanted as a communicator meant that I've had to analyse everything that I did. From which events I attended, books I read, courses I took, mentors I sought, projects I accepted, and my attitude towards work. A month ago, at Comms Unplugged, Sam Hodges, Head of Communications at Twitter UK, said something that cemented these thoughts for me.

What skills do you need to be more strategic?

For me, it means looking at the list and thinking, ah. How do I figure this out and start to develop in a particular area? But I have to be brave and think outside the box because there will be some skills that are just impossible to develop in my current role. How do I then find ways of improving them while still excelling in my current role?

On this pursuit I came across Vishen Lakhiani and began to understand how he uses questions to explore goal setting. He essentailly asks three questions. I’ve found this really helpful.  

What experiences do I want to have?  

How do I need to grow?

What contribution do I make to the world?  

I hope this helps someone who is thinking about change in any area.

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