Next Chapter

I waited a long time out in the world before I gave myself permission to fail. Please don’t even bother asking. Don’t bother telling the world you are ready. Show it. Do it.
— Peter Dinklage

Going into 2018 I had no resolutions or grand plans. All I knew was that something needed to change. And boy has there been change.

This year has been one of the best years of my life, as far as my career and the opportunities that have come my way go but, it has also been lonely and at times dark.

I have pushed myself out of comfort zone, stepped up and gone the extra mile, without being asked or seeking permission. On the other side of the same coin, I have experienced Imposter Syndrome on a grand scale for the first time.

So why would I choose to start another year with uncertainty, looking for a new job? Because the time is right. Am I scared? Of course, I am. Do I know what comes next? Not in the slightest. Am I afraid of change? For sure. But I’m ambitious and apologising for that does nobody any favours.

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